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OBJECTIVE Taiwan's health-care system allows patients to utilize specialty services without referrals by primary care providers. This discontinuity of care may lead to increases in future hospitalizations. This study aims to determine whether the discontinuity of care is associated with the risk of hospitalization. DESIGN A secondary data analysis based(More)
INTRODUCTION To test the hypothesis that the distribution of healthcare services is according to health need can be achieved under a rather open access system. METHODS The 2001 National Health Interview Survey of Taiwan and National Health Insurance claims data were linked in the study. Health need was defined by self-perceived health status. We used(More)
Circadian rhythms of running-wheel activity, food intake and drinking were monitored in old male rats of Long-Evans strain over 22 months of age in both entrained (light:dark 12:12, LD) and free running condition (continuous illumination, LL) and were compared with those of young adult male rats of 3.5 to 6.5 months of age. Twenty-four hour distribution of(More)
Circadian rhythms and patterns of feeding and drinking behavior of 8 male and 8 female Long-Evans rats were followed from 3 months of age (mo) to 21 mo at 3 month intervals. Meal number, draft number and feeding events/min/meal of female rats were greater than those of male rats of the same age, while intermeal intervals, interdraft intervals and licking(More)
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