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Two approaches, the extended Kalman filter (EKF) and moving horizon estimation (MHE), are discussed for state estimation for nonlinear dynamical systems under packet-dropping networks. For the EKF, we provide sufficient conditions that guarantee a bounded EKF error covariance. For MHE, a natural scheme on organizing the finite horizon window is proposed to(More)
We study the problem of link scheduling for discrete-time agents to achieve average consensus in finite time under communication constraints. We provide necessary and sufficient conditions under which finite time consensus is possible. Furthermore, we prove bounds on the consensus time and exhibit provably optimal communication policies. We also discuss the(More)
We formulate a simple discrete time two-agent optimal formation control problem with limited communication capacity. Two cases are studied: without communication constraints and with limited communication capacity. In the first case, we show how to approach the globally optimal solution with local decisions. In the second case, a performance metric is(More)
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