Chih-Jen Tien

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Among a large collection of Taiwanese soil isolates, a novel Gram-variable, rod-shaped, motile, endospore-forming bacterial strain, strain V10537(T), was subjected to a polyphasic study including 16S rRNA and gyrB gene sequence analysis, DNA-DNA hybridization experiments, cell wall peptidoglycan type, cellular fatty acid composition analysis and comparative(More)
A novel anamorphic yeast strain, A1-01T, belonging to the genus Rhodotorula was isolated from a plant in Taiwan and analysed morphologically, physiologically and phylogenetically. Neither ballistoconidia nor sexual reproduction was observed. Sequence analysis of the 26S rRNA gene and the ITS region indicate that Rhodosporidium sphaerocarpum is the most(More)
PURPOSE Fungi have been known to be important aeroallergens for hundreds of years. Most studies have focused on total fungal concentration; however, the concentration of specific allergenic fungi may be more important on an individual basis. METHODS Ten fungal allergic patients and 2 non-fungal allergic patients were enrolled. The patients with a decrease(More)
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