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A new method has been developed for mapping microvascular networks using an IBM-AT microcomputer and a video-microscope. After recording a vascular network on video tape, it can be reconstructed off-line using frame by frame analysis. A software tool, developed for mapping and editing networks, is used to prepare a montage of the network using a video(More)
This work introduces non-parametric regression and neural network models for forecasting the in®ll drilling ultimate oil recovery from reservoirs in San Andres and Clearfork carbonate formations in West Texas. Development of the oil recovery forecast models helps understand the relative importance of dominant reservoir characteristics and operations(More)
This article describes a novel scheme to save the usage of ink or toner by an approximate-K algorithm for color printers. Existing printers use the mixtures of three color toners (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) to print all the pixels for color images, and it makes color printing 4–4.5 times more expensive than monochromic printing. Since human eyes are not(More)
A perfectly convergent unipolar neural associative-memory system based on nonlinear dynamical terminal attractors is presented. With adaptive setting of the threshold values for the dynamic iteration for the unipolar binary neuron states with terminal attractors, perfect convergence is achieved. This achievement and correct retrieval are demonstrated by(More)
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