Chih-Hung Ting

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A 2D/3D switchable and rotatable autostereoscopic display using a high-resistance liquid-crystal (Hi-R LC) lens array is investigated in this paper. Using high-resistance layers in an LC cell, a gradient electric-field distribution can be formed, which can provide a better lens-like shape of the refractive-index distribution. The advantages of the Hi-R LC(More)
In this paper, we present a locally controllable liquid crystal lens array for a partially switchable 2D/3D display, from which 2D images without resolution degradation and 3D images can simultaneously emerge. The liquid crystal (LC) lens has the advantages of low driving voltages (&lt;;6 V<sub>rms</sub>) and a simple structure for which the fabrication(More)
An air-touch interactive system for portable devices is presented. An embedded optical sensor based on this approach was developed to realize a lightweight and thin-form-factor three-dimensional (3-D) interactive system. Using integral photography, the 3-D coordinates of an object are calculated. Moreover, the micro-lens array is implemented to improve the(More)
The desirable features for a portable 3D display include displaying 2D and 3D images without resolution degradation for multiple users, a 2D/3D switchable functionality, and, in particular, a compact volume. To produce a portable 3D display with these desirable features, we propose here a multi-user 3D film combined with a side-emission backlight system(More)
To interact with stereoscopic images through 3D air-touch technology, the depth information for a touched 3D virtual object and the fingertip position should be aligned accurately. However, the fused 3D position is affected when the virtual object is blocked by the fingertip. Additionally, the 3D image with a large disparity decreases 3D touch accuracy. In(More)
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