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The effects of glove thickness and work load on female hand performance and fatigue during a infrequent high-intensity gripping task.
In various workplaces, gloves are commonly employed to protect the hands with the design rationale of 'the thicker the gloves, the better the protection'. Therefore, the present paper investigatedExpand
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Model-driven development of multi-core embedded software
Model-driven development is worthy of further research because of its proven capabilities in increasing productivity and ensuring correctness. However, it has not yet been explored for multi-coreExpand
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Automatic testing environment for multi-core embedded software - ATEMES
Software testing during the development process of embedded software is not only complex, but also the heart of quality control. Multi-core embedded software testing faces even more challenges. MajorExpand
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Performance Comparison of Lightweight Kubernetes in Edge Devices
Traditional cloud computing has the challenge to serve many clients with many services. Spreading the services to across of edge server will reduce the load of traditional cloud computing. KubernetesExpand
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An approach for situation awareness based personal service framework
The situation awareness and service composition are emerging as hottest attractions of software technologies. The issues of situation awareness, which consist of the composition of informationExpand
Decidability of Irreducible Tree Shifts of Finite Type
We reveal an algorithm for determining the complete prefix code irreducibility (CPC-irreducibility) of dyadic trees labeled by a finite alphabet. By introducing an extended directed graphExpand
An Integrated Framework of Supply Chain Traceability Based on Blockchain Technology
In recent years, consumers have paid more and more attention to the reliability of commodity sources, leading to the demand for traceability of supply chains. In the traditional supply chain, theExpand