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Printed $\lambda/8$ -PIFA for Penta-Band WWAN Operation in the Mobile Phone
A small-size printed planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) operated at its one-eighth wavelength (lambda/8) mode as the fundamental resonant mode for achieving WWAN (wireless wide area network) operationExpand
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Simple printed monopole slot antenna for penta-band wireless wide area network operation in the mobile handset
A simple printed monopole slot antenna for penta-band wireless wide area network operation (824–960/1710–2170 MHz) in the mobile handset is presented.The monopole slot has a length of 50 mm only andExpand
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Surface-mountable EMC monopole chip antenna for WLAN operation
A novel surface-mountable monopole chip antenna having an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) property is presented. In addition to the radiating strip on the chip base of the antenna, a groundExpand
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On-board small-size printed monopole antenna integrated with USB connector for penta-band WWAN mobile phone
An on-board small-size printed two-strip monopole antenna integrated with a universal series bus (USB) connector and generating two wide operating bands to cover penta-band wireless wide area networkExpand
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Simple Printed WWAN Monopole Slot Antenna with Parasitic Shorted Strips for Slim Mobile Phone Application
In this article, a simple printed monopole slot antenna with two parasitic shorted strips (a longer parasitic shorted strip and a shorter parasitic shorted strip) for penta-band wireless wide areaExpand
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Effect of solitary wave on viscous-fluid flow in bottom cavity
This study mainly focuses on the interaction between a solitary wave and a bottom cavity. Vortex formation in cavities with different aspect ratios and different Reynolds numbers is considered,Expand
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Internal Coupled-Fed Shorted Monopole Antenna for GSM850/900/1800/1900/UMTS Operation in the Laptop Computer
A simple shorted strip monopole with a coupling feed for penta-band WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) operation in the laptop computer is presented. With the coupling feed, which effectivelyExpand
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In this article, a small-size printed monopole embedded with a printed narrow strip as a distributed inductor for application in the mobile phone to achieve GSM850/900/1800/1900/UMTS pentabandExpand
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Bandwidth enhancement of internal WWAN antenna using an inductively coupled plate in the small‐size mobile phone
By adding a small inductively coupled plate of size 10 � 45 mm 2 to the system ground plane of the mobile phone with a short length of 60 mm only, wide lower and upper bands of its internal WWANExpand
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Printed PIFA EM Compatible With Nearby Conducting Elements
A novel printed planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) with two shielding strips to allow the antenna to be electromagnetic (EM) compatible with nearby conducting elements is presented. That is, theExpand
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