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A major challenge to nanomaterial-based medicine is the ability to release drugs on-command. Here, we describe an innovative drug delivery system based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs), in which compounds can be released inside cells from within the nanotube "on-command" by inductive heating with an external alternating current or pulsed magnetic field. Without(More)
Nature routinely produces nanostructured surfaces with useful properties, such as the self-cleaning lotus leaf, the colour of the butterfly wing, the photoreceptor in brittlestar and the anti-reflection observed in the moth eye. Scientists and engineers have been able to mimic some of these natural structures in the laboratory and in real-world(More)
We report diamond nanowires grown in an atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition process. These diamond nanowires are straight, thin and long, and uniform in diameter (60-90 nm) over tens of micrometers. Spectroscopic analysis, electron diffraction, and transmission electron microscopy provided confirmation that these nanowires are diamond with high(More)
The wetting properties of silicon nanotips (SiNTs) are discussed. SiNTs were prepared by single step dry etching of silicon wafers in an electron cyclotron resonance plasma of silane, methane, argon and hydrogen and water contact angles were measured as a function of their aspect ratio (α) and the inter-tip distance. The hydrophilic nature of the SiNTs is(More)
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