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OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Traumatic pseudoaneurysms of the middle meningeal artery, which are associated with high mortality, are difficult to detect early by CT. We provide serial CT scans to show the steps of their formation and suggest characteristics that could be useful in the detection. CLINICAL PRESENTATION A 25-year-old man was initially in deep(More)
Taiwan has been constructed a complete supply chain systems for years. But in response to the latest trend of customer oriented, IT-based, and global operations, the government of Taiwan has been promoting through public policy resources various e-Business applications and B2B e-commerce projects across the manufacturing industries, thus accomplishing a(More)
Chronic subdural hematoma (SDH) is difficult to diagnose by clinical manifestations only. Nonspecific neurologic symptoms and signs may lead physicians to make other diagnoses. Although head trauma is the most common cause, it may be considered insignificant or omitted due to its minor initial manifestations. We present a patient with an incidental finding(More)
We present a case of Rosai-Dorfman disease misdiagnosed as lymphoma involving the right breast. Initially, the patient was diagnosed as malignant lymphoma, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue type. After lumpectomy, she did not receive further management. Five months later, she developed a local recurrence in the right breast. She underwent incisional biopsy(More)
Ascorbigen (ABG) is the predominant indole-derived compound from Brassica vegetables. In this study, we attempted to evaluate the effects of ABG on hair growth. To this end, we examined the proliferation of isolated human dermal papilla (DP) cells and keratinocytes after incubation in various concentrations (0-1.25 mM) of ABG. Furthermore, hair shaft(More)
In a routine phenotype-driven screen, we identified a point mutation in exon 7 of the IL-15 gene in Pedigree 191 (deficient memory (DM)) of N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea mutagenized mice. The DM epidermis expressed an alternatively spliced IL-15 mRNA isoform, IL-15ΔE7, and a wild-type (WT) IL-15 isoform at comparable levels. Mechanical stimulation of DM skin or DM(More)