Chih-Hao Chang

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Lymphocytes face major metabolic challenges upon activation. They must meet the bioenergetic and biosynthetic demands of increased cell proliferation and also adapt to changing environmental conditions, in which nutrients and oxygen may be limiting. An emerging theme in immunology is that metabolic reprogramming and lymphocyte activation are intricately(More)
An interoperable access network architecture based on a coarse array waveguide grating (AWG) is described, displaying dynamic wavelength assignment to manage the network load across multiple PONs. The multi-PON architecture utilizes coarse Gaussian channels of an AWG to facilitate scalability and smooth migration path between TDM and WDM PONs. Network(More)
This study used finite element simulation to investigate the load transfer mechanisms within the screw/vertebra complex under different interface conditions, and under varying screw lengths. Both bonded and contact conditions were employed to demonstrate the interface between the screw and vertebra. Loadings were applied at the superior surface of the(More)
The objectives of the present investigation were to determine past trends in sediment contamination and possibly predict future trends. Multiple vintages of surficial sediment metal data, from a quasi-decadal 'Status and Trends' programme, were used to provide large-scale spatial information on current status and temporal change. This information was(More)
We propose a class of antireflecting structures that can effectively suppress reflections for binary diffractive optics. In this structure, multiple periodic thin films with gradually varying refractive indices are used to shift all reflected diffraction to the transmitted orders. The structure is optimized to operate over broad bands and wide angles using(More)
T cells have a pivotal protective role in defense against infection and cancer but also are instrumental in the development of many autoimmune diseases. The regulation of nutrient uptake and utilization in T cells is critically important for the control of their differentiation, and manipulating metabolic pathways in these cells can alter their function and(More)
Designing multifunctional surfaces that have user-specified interactions with impacting liquids and with incident light is a topic of both fundamental and practical significance. Taking cues from nature, we use tapered conical nanotextures to fabricate the multifunctional surfaces; the slender conical features result in large topographic roughness, while(More)
A number of "top-down" lithographic and "bottom-up" self-assembly methods have been developed to fabricate three-dimensional (3D) nanostructures to support the recent advances in nanotechnology. But they are limited by a number of factors such as fabrication cost, pattern resolution, and/or flexibility of geometry. Here we present a 3D nanolithography(More)
A water-soluble and neutral polysaccharide was extracted from the current pseudobulbs of Oncidium "Gower Ramsey" during the early inflorescence stage (flower stalk less than 4 cm) by hot water, precipitated with ethanol, and purified with an anion exchanger. From the data of monosaccharide composition and linkage and anomeric configuration analyses, the(More)
Volume x-ray gratings consisting of a multilayer coating deposited on a blazed substrate can diffract with very high efficiency, even in high orders if diffraction conditions in-plane (grating) and out-of-plane (Bragg multilayer) are met simultaneously. This remarkable property, however, depends critically on the ability to create a structure with near(More)