Chih-Feng Chang

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Esophageal strictures in children may be caused by congenital anomaly, caustic agent or foreign body ingestion, complication of reflux esophagitis, and after esophageal surgery. Accidental ingestion of alkaline fluid is the most common cause of corrosive esophagitis in children in Taiwan. In this article, we studied 10 pediatric patients who had esophageal(More)
Optimal endovascular therapy for isolated superior mesenteric artery (SMA) dissection remains undetermined. Here, we report a 56-year-old male with ischemic bowel syndrome caused by such a serious vascular disease. He was treated with endovascular true lumen stenting yet got aggravated in bowel ischemia from unexpected jail of major intestinal branches(More)
BACKGROUND Empiric antibiotics are frequently given for children with acute exudative tonsillitis. A few studies have investigated the causative agent of acute "exudative" tonsillitis in children to evaluate the necessity of antibiotic therapy. This study tried to explore the common causative agent of acute exudative tonsillitis among children. METHODS(More)
Today, most semiconductor manufacturing companies utilize Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) (MacDonald, 1993; Samanish, 1993; Nguyen, 1996; Scatt, 1996; MESA, 1997) to deliver information to optimize production activities from order booking through design, production, and marketing to realize the agile manufacturing enterprise. The MES market is(More)
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