Chih-Fang Huang

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BACKGROUND Many patients with advanced cancer will develop physical and psychological symptoms related to their disease. These symptoms are infrequently treated by conventional care. Palliative care programs have been developed to fill this gap in care. However, there are limited beds in hospice units. To allow more terminal cancer patients to receive care(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM The aim of the present study was to elucidate a reasonable model and the efficacy of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) screening on an elderly population. METHODS Two-stage HCC screening was conducted in a hepatitis C virus (HCV)-endemic area. First, participants underwent blood tests for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), anti-HCV(More)
BACKGROUND Seizures are important neurological complications of ischemic stroke. There is a need to further clarify the risk factors of seizures following ischemic stroke and predict those who will require treatment. METHODS One hundred and forty-three (143) first-time ischemic stroke patients were enrolled in this one-year (2002) retrospective study.(More)
Hopscotch” is a world-wide game for children to play since the times in the ancient Roman Empire and China. Here we present a study mainly focused on the research and discussion of the application on the children’s well-know edutainment via the physical interactive design to provide the sensing of the times for the conventional hopscotch, which is a new(More)
A new automated permuting capacitor device (APCD) for calibration of inductive voltage dividers (IVDs) with four-terminal-pair definition was designed and tested. The permuting capacitors composed of 11-SMD capacitors were housed in a bulk metal in a symmetrical arrangement. Thus, the APCD is compact and the temperature of the APCD could be controlled(More)
The classical Chinese poetry is a remarkable form of art in traditional Chinese character. However, it is difficult for people who are unfamiliar with ancient Chinese to experience the artistic content of the poetry. In this study, a sonification scheme, Tx2Ms (Text-to-Music), is proposed to extract the poetry features between lines in verses; moreover,(More)