Chih-Chun Liu

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PTPN22, a protein tyrosine phosphatase expressed mainly in hematopoietic cells, has been linked to many autoimmune diseases. A C-to-T single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) at position 1858 of human PTPN22 cDNA decreases the risk of Crohn's disease. However, the function of PTPN22 and the mechanism by which this SNP reduces the risk of Crohn's disease are(More)
Recently, evidence has accumulated that weekly 24-h infusion of high-dose 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) with leucovorin (LV, folinic acid) biochemical modulation may improve the response rates compared with the bolus 5-FU regimens in colorectal cancer (CRC). Combining the infusional 5-FU/LV (iFL) regimens with oxaliplatin or irinotecan is widely adopted to further(More)
C-Maf plays an important role in regulating cytokine production in TH cells. Its transactivation of IL-4 is optimized by phosphorylation at Tyr21, Tyr92, and Tyr131. However, the molecular mechanism regulating its tyrosine phosphorylation remains unknown. In this study, we demonstrate that Tec kinase family member Tec, but not Rlk or Itk, is a tyrosine(More)
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