Chih-Chuan Lin

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Modern numerical process simulators are becoming increasingly complicated in both physical models and domain shape. Grid generation is difficult for these simulators because of the inherent transient nature of the problems being solved. This paper addresses adaptive grid refinement for use in solving diffusion problems. It additionally investigates higher(More)
Mesh generation for process simulation is a difficult task, complicated by both the moving boundaries and the time dependence of the solutions. For both computational and ease of use reasons, automatic mesh generation and discretization error control is desirable. This paper describes an approach based on local error estimates to refine the mesh. This paper(More)
In this study, a spotlight filter for capturing the local structure information in tracing object's contour is proposed for object contour extraction. By searching the possible contour path between the initial source and destination contour points, the spotlight filter is able to capture the local structure information along the path, filter out the edge(More)
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