Chih-Chin Liang

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Being the dominant telecommunication company in Taiwan, ChungHwa Telecom Co., Ltd., CHT is her symbol listed on the New York Stock Exchange, provides major communication services to more than 23 million people living in Taiwan. CHT has vast number of software developed on client -server or web-based architectures with client software installed in more than(More)
Downward communication is a popular push-based scheme to forward messages from headquarters to front-line staff in a large-scaled company. With the maturing intranet and web technology, broadcasting algorithms, including pull-based and push-based broadcasting algorithms, it is feasible to send downward messages through web-based design by sending packets on(More)
A food-processing-and-distribution company typically stores products in a warehouse before shipping them to customers. Inventory management is therefore important to the food-processing-and-distribution industry because of the large amount of products typically stored. Large amounts of stored products increase inventory cost and management cost and can(More)
A content-delivering service within a large-scaled company in Taiwan has been proposed to use 40 servers to meet user requirements on the previous study. The managers of the case company want to use resources as few as possible. From previous study [19--21], we suggest them using 19 servers to deliver large files. However, because we need not only servers(More)
Content delivery for front-line staff is difficult to handle adequately in a large-scaled organization. Existing P2P methods have been utilized for delivering contents between peers passively. However, such P2P approaches have a problem about network congestion. That is, P2P approaches are easy to cause outbound traffic of a peer congested, because of large(More)