Chih-Chiang Yang

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To cope with rapidly increasing Internet usage nowadays, providing Internet services using multiple servers has become a necessity. To ensure sufficient service quality and server utilization at the same time, effective methods are needed to spread load among servers properly. Existing load balancing methods often assume servers are homogeneous and consider(More)
We retrospectively reviewed the effectiveness of peripheral sympathectomy for severe Raynaud's phenomenon. In this study, a total of 14 digits from six patients with chronic digital ischemic change were included. All patients had pain, ulcer, or gangrenous change in the affected digits and were unresponsive to pharmacologic or other nonsurgical therapies.(More)
Modern Web-server systems use multiple servers to handle an increased user demand. Such systems need effective methods to spread the load among web servers evenly in order to keep web server utilization high while providing sufficient quality of service for end users. In conventional DNS-based load balancing architecture, a Doman Name Server (DNS)(More)
Finite mixture multivariate generalized linear modeling has been shown to be an important analytic tool for many research fields, for example, image recognition, astronomical data classification, biomedicine diagnosis, and biological classification. Recent statistical and computational advances have further encouraged researchers to explore the modeling(More)
This study investigated any functional correlations between intelligences and spatially recorded quantitative electroencephalograms (QEEGs) in a nonalphabetical language group. Participants, between 6 and 8 years old, were sampled in a teaching hospital located at the central Taiwan region. The Chinese Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III (WISC-III)(More)
The aim of this study is to provide latent variable models (LVM) to evaluate interaction effects between functional brain cortical regions. Rapidly developed imaging techniques and methods, for instance, ERP and fMRI, can serve as feasible accessories on mapping brain functions by monitoring activities among different cortical regions. Without capable(More)
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