Chih-Chiang Hua

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This paper proposes a regenerative braking system for electric bicycle based on DSP. The proposed method is used to adjust the switching sequence of the inverter, so that the braking energy will be returned to charge the battery. With the cooperation of regenerative braking energy recovery technologies and digital signal processor (TMS320LF2407) as the(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of converters for grid-connected single-phase photovoltaic energy conversion system. In order to provide the functions of the energy management and the load distribution, the system is combined with the photovoltaic cells and utility network. Due to that the output voltage and current of the photovoltaic(More)
Cascade multilevel inverters have been widely applied for the applications of high voltage and high power systems. The input power sources for a cascade multilevel inverter requires separate dc voltage sources, available dc sources include batteries, photovoltaic arrays and fuel cells...etc. If variations or fluctuations occur at the input voltage, the(More)
In this paper, a reflex charger based on bidirectional converter is proposed. The Reflex charging strategy has a positive pulse interval, a negative pulse interval and a resting time in a complete charging period. In the positive pulse interval, the bidirectional converter is operated as a phase shift full bridge converter (PSFB). The zero voltage switching(More)
A hybrid maximum power point tracking (MPPT) with adaptive step-size based on single sensor for photovoltaic systems is proposed. The MPPT method combines with the fractional open circuit voltage method (FOCV) and adaptive step-size method can achieve quick and accurate tracking. From the simulation results, the characteristics of PV voltage have trend that(More)
This paper presents a bridgeless power factor correction rectifier with soft-switching. The proposed rectifier consists of a traditional rectifier diode bridge and a dc/dc power factor correction circuit, and an auxiliary circuit is used to achieve soft-switching. The auxiliary circuit can provide zero-voltage turn-on and zero-current turn-off for the main(More)
Because the characteristics of LiFePO<sub>4</sub> batteries are different, it may cause overcharge/overdischarge, and reduce the cycle life of battery when series-connected batteries are used. This paper proposed a charge equalizer that utilizes an interleaved active clamp flyback converter, which connected to a battery string in the charging/discharging(More)
A charge equalizer based on a multi-winding transformer is presented in this paper. Constant frequency and 50 % duty cycle are selected to achieve a simple control and soft-switching of power switches of proposed charge equalizer. Both the amount of transformer windings and the conduction losses of the rectifier can be halved by using a voltage doubler type(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of power converter for wind generator. The proposed system consists of a wind generator, a buck converter, a bi-directional dc/dc converter and lead-acid battery. The wind generator is the main power source of the system, and the battery is used for energy storage and power compensation. In order to make the(More)