Chih-Chiang Hsu

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Scheduling workflow applications in grid environments is a great challenge, because it is an NP-complete problem. Many heuristic methods have been presented in the literature and most of them deal with a single workflow application at a time. In recent years, several heuristic methods have been proposed to deal with concurrent workflows or online workflows,(More)
In this paper, we focus on how to test for long-range dependence when the process may have a one-time mean change and how to estimate the change point when data may be long-range dependent. We rst analyzed why traditional long-memory tests have serious size distortions when data have short memory with breaks. In order to overcome this problem, a local(More)
This paper analyses the relationships that exist foreign direct investment (FDI), trade and similarity in relation to business cycle co-movements using a panel data set taken from 77 pairs of countries over the period 1988–2002. Most of the previous literature has overlooked the possible channels through which FDI might influence business cycle(More)
As RAM is major component in present day SOC, by improving the yield of RAM improves the yield of SOC. So the repairable memories play a vital role in improving the yield of chip. This paper presents the efficient Reconfigurable Built-in Self Repair (Re BISR) circuit along with 2D redundancies (spare row/column) and spare cells. Since most of faults are(More)
The structures of AgSi(n) (n=1-13) clusters are investigated using first-principles calculations. Our studies suggest that AgSi(n) clusters with n=7 and 10 are relatively stable isomers and that these clusters prefer to be exohedral rather than endohedral. Moreover, doping leaves the inner core structure of the clusters largely intact. Additionally, the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Unlike the U.S. and most developed countries, Taiwan stock market has been widely documented to have no value premium. Prior studies on the value premium typically adopt a conventional approach proposed by Fama and French (1992), which suggests a buy-and-hold strategy with annual rebalancing. We argue that a(More)