Chih-Chi Liao

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A SINE-like dispersed element, Cp1, from the dipteran Chironomus pallidivittatus was found to show site-specific insertion into two different centromeric tandem repeats. The insertions result in identical target site duplications of nine base-pairs. In contrast, extracentromeric Cp1 elements, which are polymorphic and degenerate, are previously known to be(More)
Aminoacylation of transfer RNA(Gln) (tRNA(Gln)) is performed by distinct mechanisms in different kingdoms and represents the most diverged route of aminoacyl-tRNA synthesis found in nature. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, cytosolic Gln-tRNA(Gln) is generated by direct glutaminylation of tRNA(Gln) by glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase (GlnRS), whereas mitochondrial(More)
A short interspersed repeat (SINE) in the two sibling species Chironomus pallidivittatus and Chironomus tentans is described. It is present at many sites in the genome and is surrounded by 10 to 14 bp target site duplications. It consists of two sequence modules in different numbers and variable order relative to each other and often has large inversions of(More)
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