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Next Generation Wireless Systems (NGWS) will provide a variety of services to mobile users including high speed data, real-time applications and real-time multimedia support with a certain quality of service (QoS) level. An efficient handoff management is one of the key issues in order to support global roaming of the mobile users among different network(More)
Fuzzy clustering model is an essential tool to find the proper cluster structure of given data sets in pattern and image classification. In this paper, a new weighted fuzzy C-Means (NW-FCM) algorithm is proposed to improve the performance of both FCM and FWCM models for high-dimensional multiclass pattern recognition problems. The methodology used in NW-FCM(More)
Wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) is a novel technology aiming for investigating the diseases and abnormalities in small intestine. The major drawback of WCE examination is that it takes a long time to examine the whole WCE video. In this paper, we present a new reduction scheme for WCE video to reduce the examination time. To achieve this task, a WCE video(More)
In this paper an automatic and effective method was proposed for mass segmentation in mammography. Based on the facts that mass edges are continuous and closed curves consisted of points which have larger gradient transformation, a plane fitting method and a dynamic programming technique were applied. The regions of interest (ROIs) used in this study were(More)
Calculating and generating optimal motion path automatically is one of the key issues in virtual human motion path planning. To solve the point, the improved A* algorithm has been analyzed and realized in this paper, we modified the traditional A* algorithm by weighted processing of evaluation function, which made the searching steps reduced from 200 to 80(More)
This paper addresses the problem of image texture classification. A novel texture feature called "characteristic view", which is directly extracted from a kernel corresponding to each texture class, was developed. The K-views template method was used to classify the texture pixels based on these features. The characteristic view concept is based on the(More)