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In this paper the ant colony optimization (ACO) is used in the K-means algorithm for improving the image segmentation. The learning mechanism of this algorithm is formulated by using the ACO meta-heuristic. As the pheromone dominates the exploration of ants for problem solutions, preliminary experiments on pheromone's update are reported. Two methods for(More)
Next Generation Wireless Systems (NGWS) will provide a variety of services to mobile users including high speed data, real-time applications and real-time multimedia support with a certain quality of service (QoS) level. An efficient handoff management is one of the key issues in order to support global roaming of the mobile users among different network(More)
This paper addresses the problem of image texture classification. A novel texture feature called "characteristic view", which is directly extracted from a kernel corresponding to each texture class, was developed. The K-views template method was used to classify the texture pixels based on these features. The characteristic view concept is based on the(More)
Fuzzy clustering is an approach using the fuzzy set theory as a tool for data grouping , which has advantages over traditional clustering in many applications. Many fuzzy clustering algorithms have been developed in the literature including fuzzy c-means and possibilistic clustering algorithms, which are all objective-function based methods. Different from(More)