Chih-Cheng Huang

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Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) were injected with Taura syndrome virus (TSV) to assess shrimp immune responses and survival. TSV-infected shrimp suffered high mortality, but mock-infected and untreated shrimp experienced no mortality. Moribund shrimp were a pale, reddish colour and were lethargic and soft-shelled. Their haemolymph was clear red(More)
Coagulation (clot formation) forms a physical barrier to prevent the loss of body fluid and dissemination of microbes into the haemocoel after injury or infection. Its quickness and efficiency are essential for the survival of invertebrates that rely solely on innate immunity. Transglutaminase (TG) catalyses intermolecular or intramolecular(More)
We investigated possible epigenetic regulation of Period1 (PER1), a key circadian regulator gene, in six cervical cancer cell lines which showed up to 15.4-fold differences in PER1 mRNA levels. Genomic methylation analysis showed that a discerned CpG island in the PER1 promoter remained hypomethylated in five of the cell lines. In contrast, C33A cells that(More)
Transglutaminases (TG) are important for blood coagulation and post-translation remodeling of proteins. Using a plaque screening assay, we isolated cDNA encoding a novel TG from a shrimp (Penaeus monodon) hemocyte cDNA library. The TG cDNA consists of 2988 bp with an open reading frame of 2271 bp. The deduced protein has 757 amino acid residues, a(More)
Primary cutaneous amyloidosis (PCA) is an itchy skin disorder associated with amyloid deposits in the superficial dermis. The disease is relatively common in Southeast Asia and South America. Autosomal dominant PCA has been mapped earlier to 5p13.1-q11.2 and two pathogenic missense mutations in the OSMR gene, which encodes the interleukin-6 family cytokine(More)
The Rnf33/Trim60 gene is temporally transcribed in the preimplantation embryo before being silenced at the blastocyst stage but Rnf33 expression is detected in adult testis of the mouse. The putative RNF33 protein is a tripartite motif (TRIM)/RBCC protein composed of a typical RING zinc finger, a B-box 2, two α-helical coiled-coil segments, and a B30.2(More)
The rapid genetic drift of influenza virus hemagglutinin is an obstacle to vaccine efficacy. Previously, we found that the consensus hemagglutinin DNA vaccine (pCHA5) can only elicit moderate neutralization activities toward the H5N1 clade 2.1 and clade 2.3 viruses. Two approaches were thus taken to improve the protection broadness of CHA5. The first one(More)
In the cloud computing, user authentication is an important security mechanism because it provides the functions of authentication, authorization, and accounting for cloud servers. However, the previously proposed user authentication schemes have many security and efficiency problems. In addition, these schemes can only work on single server environments.(More)