Chih-Chen Lin

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It has been widely recognized that many future database applications, including engineering processes, manufacturing and communications, will require some kind of rule based reasoning. In this paper we study methods for storing and manipulating large rule bases using relational database management systems. First, we provide a matching algorithm which can be(More)
An important aspect of integration of AI and DBMS technology is identifying functional similarities in database processing and reasoning with rules. In this paper, we focus on applying concurrency techniques to rule-based production systems. We tailor DBMS concurrent execution to a production system environment and investigate the resulting concurrent(More)
In this paper we highlight the basic approach taken in the design of the DIPS system, and briefly present the main contributions. These include the use of special data structures to store rule definitions; they are implemented using relations. A matching algorithm uses these structures to efficiently identify when the antecedents of productions are(More)
BACKGROUND Candida parapsilosis is an emerging non-albicans Candida that is associated with central line-associated infection. C. parapsilosis has higher minimal inhibitory concentration to echinocandin than Candida albicans, and the effects of echinocandin on C. parapsilosis are ambiguous. Therefore, in this study, we aimed to investigate the(More)
Emerging evidence indicates that the conformation of C-reactive protein (CRP) plays important roles in human inflammation and cardiovascular disease (CVD). The different conformations in the structure of CRP under different pH conditions remain an important issue to be investigated for explaining various functions of CRP under certain physiologic and(More)
This report describes a working prototype of a Prolog-INGRES interface based on external semantic query simplification. Semantic query simplification employs integrity constraints enforced in a database system for reducing the number of tuple variables and terms in a relational query. This type of query simplifier is useful in providing very high level user(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Multidrug-resistant strains of Citrobacter have emerged, which carry Amp-C β-lactamase (Amp-C), broad-spectrum β-lactamase, extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL), and other resistance mechanisms. These strains are associated with a higher rate of in-hospital mortality. The object of this study is to determine the mortality risk factors,(More)