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This study identifies a new fungal strain, Lentinus sp., that can produce extracellular forms of laccases with an activity of approximately 58 300 U/L. A purified laccase (designated lcc3) was identified by LC-ESI MS/MS as an N-linkage glycosylated protein. The isolated lcc3 cDNA is composed of 1563 bp encoding for a polypeptide of 521 amino acid residues(More)
Deoxyelephantopin (DET) is an abundant sesquiterpene lactone isolated from an anecdotally hepatoprotective phytomedicine, Elephantopus scaber. Our objective in this study was to provide scientific evidence for the in vivo efficacy and the underlying mechanisms of action of DET in lipopolysaccharide/d-galactosamine (LPS/D-GalN)-induced fulminant hepatitis.(More)
This study reports a new white-rot fungus Cerrena sp. WR1, identified based on an 18S rDNA sequence, which can secrete extracellular forms of laccase with a maximal activity reaching 202 000 U l⁻¹ in a 5-l fermenter. A laccase protein, designated Lcc3, was purified and shown to be N-linked glycosylated by PNGase F and liquid chromatography tandem mass(More)
In this study, the antihyperuricemic effect of Acacia confusa heartwood extracts and their phytochemicals on potassium oxonate (PO)-induced acute hyperuricemia was investigated for the first time. All treatments at the same dosage (100 mmol/kg) were administered to the abdominal cavity of PO-induced hyperuricemic mice, and serum uric acid level was measured(More)
BACKGROUND Intestinal protection is an important function of probiotics. However, there is no evidence that the potential probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei 01 is able to improve intestinal function. In the present study, the protective effect and underlying mechanisms of L. paracasei 01 on intestinal epithelial cell in vitro were investigated. RESULTS A(More)
Laccases are multi-copper oxidases that catalyze the oxidation of various organic and inorganic compounds by reducing O2 to water. Here we report the crystal structure at 1.8 Å resolution of a native laccase (designated nLcc4) isolated from a white-rot fungus Lentinus sp. nLcc4 is composed of three cupredoxin-like domains D1-D3 each folded into a Greek key(More)
The development of fully automatic face annotation techniques in online social networks (OSNs) is currently very important for effective management and organization of the large numbers of personal photos shared on social network platforms. In this paper, we construct the personalized and adaptive Fused Face Recognition unit for each member, which uses the(More)
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