Chigo M. Okonkwo

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Single-mode fibres with low loss and a large transmission bandwidth are a key enabler for long-haul high-speed optical communication and form the backbone of our information-driven society. However, we are on the verge of reaching the fundamental limit of single-mode fibre transmission capacity. Therefore, a new means to increase the transmission capacity(More)
To unlock the cost benefits of space division multiplexing transmission systems, higher spatial multiplicity is required. Here, we investigate a potential route to increasing the number of spatial mode channels within a single core few-mode fiber. Key for longer transmission distances and low computational complexity is the fabrication of fibers with low(More)
We demonstrate a few-mode erbium-doped fiber amplifier employing a mode-selective photonic lantern for controlling the modal content of the pump light. Amplification of six spatial modes in a 5 m long erbium-doped fiber to ∼6.2  dBm average power is obtained while maintaining high modal fidelity. Through mode-selective forward pumping of the two degenerate(More)
For the first time, we demonstrate the implementation of a core pumped few mode erbium amplifier utilizing a mode selective photonic lantern for spatial modal control of the pump light. This device is able to individually amplify the first six fiber modes with low differential modal gain. In addition, we obtained differential modal gain lower than 1 dB and(More)
We report the design, fabrication and verification of a single-polarization silicon coherent receiver with a low-power linear TIA array. Error-free operation assuming FEC is shown at bitrates of 112 Gbit/s (28 Gbaud 16-QAM) and 56 Gbit/s (28 Gbaud QPSK). Introduction Coherent communication allows increasing the spectral efficiency of optical communication(More)
Performance evaluation of ultra-wide band radio signals based on multi-band (MB) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is presented. These systems are very attractive due to their capability to deliver high-speed data streams, their coexistence with the current radio standards and their suitability for transmission in fibre. In this(More)