Chigaya Tadano

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Modulation of muscle activation in superficial and deeper regions may be induced by tactile stimulation. The purpose of this study was to examine changes in muscle activation with skin friction. Subjects performed an isometric elbow flexion at 30% maximal voluntary cotraction (MVC) with skin friction at different frequencies (0.5-2.7 Hz). Surface(More)
PURPOSE Facilitatory and inhibitory responses of spinal motor neurons are influenced by somatosensory input from the skin. The purpose of this study, employing electromyography, was to examine the neuromuscular changes that occur with menthol applied to the skin over the quadriceps muscle. METHODS Forty-two healthy volunteers performed isometric knee(More)
Rate of force development (RFD) plays an important role when performing rapid and forceful movements. Cold-induced afferent input with transient skin cooling (SC) can modulate neural drive. However, the relationship between RFD and SC is unknown. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether SC increases RFD during isometric knee extension. Fifteen(More)
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