Chifu Yang

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A new method, Global Newton-Raphson (GNR), for forward kinematics analysis of six degree–of-freedom (DOF) parallel robots is proposed, in order to obtain direct solutions of parallel robots in real time without divergence. The parallel robot can produce 3-DOF linear motions and 3-DOF angular motions, and feeds back positions of actuators measured by(More)
A novel model-based controller for 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) hydraulic driven parallel manipulator considering the nonlinear characteristic of hydraulic systems-proportional plus derivative with dynamic gravity compensation controller is presented, in order to improve control performance and eliminate steady state errors. In this paper, 6-DOF parallel(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive robust control for spatial hydraulic industrial robot, with a view of improving the performance of trajectory tracking under varying uncertainty. The mathematical models of mechanical system and electro-hydraulic driven system of spatial 6-DOF industrial robot are described, under Kane method and hydromechanics method. The(More)
This paper addressed the dynamics and control for completely spatial 6-DOF parallel robots (SPR) in computer. The complex dynamic equations are derived via using Kane methods, and a typical PID controller is developed for spatial 6-DOF parallel robots. Making use of the software of Simulink, the computer model of SPR is built in terms of the dynamic(More)
This paper readdressed the dynamics for spatial 6-DOF parallel robots (PR). With a view of improving the computational efficiency of dynamic equations and simplifying the modeling of PR, PR is regarded as seven rigid bodies, ignoring the complex dynamics of cylinder, and the dynamic equations are derived by using Kane method. The relationship of components(More)
A novel model-based controller for six-degree-of- freedom (DOF) parallel manipulator is proposed in this paper, in order to abatement the influence of platform load variety and compel the steady state errors converge to zero. In this paper, 6-DOF parallel manipulator is described as multi-rigid-body systems, the mathematical model of the 6-DOF parallel(More)
Traditional feedback linearization approach (TFL) requires a priori knowledge of plant, which is difficult and the computational efficiency of controller is low due to the complex dynamics of spatial 6-DOF hydraulic parallel manipulator. In order to improve the tracking performance of spatial 6-DOF hydraulic parallel manipulator and to conquer the drawbacks(More)