ChienHsing Wu

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Literature has paid limited attention to the preference of instructors to adopt e-teaching/learning system (ET/LS) by considering the cognitive styles. The current study proposes a research model to describe the effects of technology acceptance behavior and innovation diffusion behavior on ET/LS adoption for elementary school instructors. A salient aim of(More)
A combined data analysis technique of analytical hierarchical process (AHP) and data envelopment analysis (DEA) is employed in this paper to examine performance and to rank importance of inputs/outputs for Taiwan's retailing industry. Financial data was collected from 204 retailing companies for the year of 2003 to 2007. The input data includes current(More)
The exploratory study presents the role of individual cognition and immersion in individual knowledge development. Mediation e®ect of knowledge essence on the role is also examined. Data from 296 valid subjects from elementary and junior high school teachers are analysed and reveal several ̄ndings. Knowledge essence alternates the e®ect of individual(More)
While on-line shopping is considered as a special type of e-service, the adoption rate of this service in Taiwan has been paid attention recently. The initial adoption of on-line shopping is the important driving force to further influence the use and continued use of this service. The model of Trust and technology acceptance model (TAM) in Gefen et al. has(More)
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