Chien-Wen Chuang

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This study presents a mobile exploration activity that guides elementary students to learn during a social science activity with digital support from mobile devices and wireless communications. The students are situated in both the real world and the virtual world to extend their learning experiences. The learning activities between the field and the(More)
Purpose – This study proposes a mobile learning model that employs digital libraries to support investigative learning activities. A student-centered mobile learning activity with self-guided exploration for physical ecology observation has been conducted to demonstrate the benefits of using digital libraries to support investigation-based ecology learning(More)
The purpose of this research is to create a technology-integrated environment where learners can be immersed in the authentic environment to learn Taiwan local history and geography using mobile learning system. Learners conduct investigations with the guidance of the PDA in the Q&A style.
This literature review summarizes research on game-based learning based on the categories of research outcomes. The analysis include total of 25 research papers that are published in this decade. They are categorized into four parts: cognitive aspect, affective aspect, psychomotor skill aspect, and behavior. In spite of cross-aspect of each research, we(More)
In recent years, digital games have been widely used in all fields for learning. Learners are immersed in the context and content, and have increased willingness to participate learning activities which implies the enhancement of learning motivations. The game built in this research was done with Oblivion game engine. First, we design a role-play game(More)
This research integrates Geographic Information Systems (GIS), history-geography database and web pages to form a digital learning system that allows users to learn significant historical events and its associated local cultures in southern Taiwan. With the feedback provided by the system, users can understand the meaning of local culture as they experience(More)
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