Chien-Sheng Kuo

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Ultraviolet- and visible-light-responsive titania-based photocatalysts were synthesized and employed in the photocatalytic oxidation of NO(x). Sol-gel processes using tetrabutyl orthotitanate and ethanol under acid catalyzed condition and controlled calcination were performed to synthesize titanium dioxide with a mixed crystal lattice of anatase, brookite(More)
Carbon nanotube (CNT)-grafted TiO(2) (CNT/TiO(2)) was synthesized as an electrically conductive catalyst that exhibits redox ability under electrical excitation besides ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. The CNT/TiO(2) material was synthesized by a two-step process. Ni nanoparticles were photodeposited onto TiO(2) first. The Ni nanoparticles then served as seeds(More)
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