Chien-Ping Lee

Sheng-Di Lin2
Yuen-Wuu Suen1
Oleksandr (Alex) Voskoboynikov1
Yin-Jie Zhang1
2Sheng-Di Lin
1Yuen-Wuu Suen
1Oleksandr (Alex) Voskoboynikov
1Yin-Jie Zhang
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We report on the diamagnetic responses of different exciton complexes in single InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots (QDs) and quantum rings (QRs). For QDs, the imbalanced magnetic responses of inter-particle Coulomb interactions play a crucial role in the diamagnetic shifts of excitons (X), biexcitons (XX), and positive trions (X-). For negative trions(More)
A high-quality planar two-dimensional p-i-n light emitting diode in an entirely undoped GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well has been fabricated by using conventional lithography process. With twin gate design, two-dimensional electron and hold gases can be placed closely on demand. The electroluminescence of the device exhibit high stability and clear transition peaks(More)
In this report, the influence of the intrinsic transitions between bound-to-delocalized states (crossed states or quasicontinuous density of electron-hole states) on photoluminescence excitation (PLE) spectra of InAs quantum dots (QDs) was investigated. The InAs QDs were different in size, shape, and number of bound states. Results from the PLE spectroscopy(More)
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