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Classification is a supervised machine learning procedure in which the effective model is constructed for prediction. The accuracy of classification mainly depends on the type of features and the characteristics of the dataset. Feature selection is an efficient approach in searching the most descriptive features which would contribute to the increase in the(More)
For microarray data analysis, most of them focus on selecting relevant genes and calculating the classification accuracy by the selected relevant genes. This paper wants to detect the relation between the gene expression levels and the classes of a cancer (or a disease) to assist researchers for initial diagnosis. The proposed method is called a Two Stages(More)
Due to the steep price of a microarray experiment, a microarray dataset usually contains a few experimental samples. While the number of experimental samples is small, the number of genes in an experimental sample is quite large. The fact that only a few of the large amount of genes are relevant to a diagnosis poses a challenge to the application of the(More)
With the fast advance of GPS technology and mobile devices, the location-based queries that can provide useful location information for the user have attracted much attention in the database research community. In this paper, we focus on developing a location-based query system, called the QTWN, which provides various queries to retrieve points of interest(More)