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Recently, Hwang, Shiau and Lai proposed an efficient authentication key exchange protocol to decrease the computation cost of the Harn-Lin improved protocol. However, the Hawang-Shiau-Lai protocol cannot withstand the modification attack. Therefore, this paper will propose an improved protocol to enhance the security of the Hwang-Shiau-Lai protocol. The(More)
For the mass demands of wireless communication services, the mobile location technologies have drawn much attention around the world. In wireless communication, one of the main problems with accurate location is nonline of sight (NLoS) propagation. To solve the problem, we present a new location algorithm with clustering technology by utilizing the(More)
A micropayment scheme provides an efficient way for electronic payment with small face value. It is suitable for environments that require frequent transactions such as pay-per-view movie, video streaming, etc. Recent researches on micropayment introduce additional properties such as user anonymity and fairness in micropayments. However, existing schemes(More)
Cloud computing has been developed rapidly in recent years, and offers novel concepts and innovations in computer use. The applications of cloud computing are that people can put their data on cloud and also can designate a proxy to help them to execute a number of tasks in certain situations. The proxy re-encryption which is a cryptographic primitive has(More)