Chien-Lin Huang

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This paper describes the performance of the I4U speaker recognition system in the NIST 2008 Speaker Recognition Evaluation. The system consists of seven subsystems, each with different cepstral features and classifiers. We describe the I4U Primary system and report on its core test results as they were submitted, which were among the best-performing(More)
This study presents a novel approach to spoken document retrieval based on semantic context inference for speech indexing. Each recognized term in a spoken document is mapped onto a semantic inference vector containing a bag of semantic terms through a semantic relation matrix. The semantic context inference vector is then constructed by summing up all the(More)
This correspondence presents a speech sentence compression scheme. A compressed word sequence is first extracted. Speech segments, in the spoken document, corresponding to the extracted words are selected for concatenation. Evaluation of the proposed approach shows the compressed speech sentence retains important and meaningful information and naturalness.
This paper presents a spoken document summarization scheme using acoustic, prosodic and semantic information. First, speech recognition confidence is estimated to choose reliable words from the speech transcription. Prosodic information, including pitch and energy, is used for stressed word selection. Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is adopted to identify(More)
This study presents the NICT automatic speech recognition (ASR) system submitted for the IWSLT 2013 ASR evaluation. We apply two types of acoustic features and three types of acoustic models to the NICT ASR system. Our system is comprised of six subsystems with different acoustic features and models. This study reports the individual results and fusion of(More)
BACKGROUND Double-eyelid procedure to construct a supratarsal fold is the most common aesthetic surgery in young Asian adults. More complex surgical procedures, such as fat grafting or filler injection, are often indicated during traditional, long-incision, double-eyelid procedures to achieve better aesthetic results for patients with hollowness of the(More)
BACKGROUND Double eyelidplasty can construct palpebral folds and enhance beauty perception for Asians with single eyelids. A new palpebral parameter for the quantitative interpretation of surgical outcomes is proposed on the basis of a photometric study of the altered proportions of Asian eyes after double eyelid operation. METHODS A total of 100 Asian(More)
This work presents a novel approach to generating phonetic units in order to recognize mixed-language or multilingual speech. Acoustic and contextual analysis is performed to characterize multilingual phonetic units for phone set creation. Acoustic likelihood is utilized for similarity estimation of phone models. The hyperspace analog to language (HAL)(More)