Chien-Jung Lai

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Identifying patients in a Target Customer Segment (TCS) is important to determine the demand for, and to appropriately allocate resources for, health care services. The purpose of this study is to propose a two-stage clustering-classification model through (1) initially integrating the RFM attribute and K-means algorithm for clustering the TCS patients and(More)
The advancement in variable message signs (VMS) technology has made it possible to display message with various formats. This study presented an ergonomic study on the message design of Chinese variable message signs on urban roads in Taiwan. Effects of color scheme (one, two and three) and number of message lines (single, double and triple) of VMS on(More)
Consumer on-line behaviors are more important than ever due to highly growth of on-line shopping. The purposes of this study were to design placement methods of background music for shopping website and examine the effect on browsers' emotional and cognitive response. Three placement points of background music during the browsing, i.e. 2 min., 4 min., and 6(More)
The concept of using signs to display graphical traffic information is now becoming increasingly popular. The main objective of this study was to design and undertake laboratory research to examine whether the content of traffic information displayed on graphical route information panel (GRIP) could be readily understood. Six kinds of GRIP signs that(More)
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