Chien-Jen Huang

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Taiwan stock market trend is fast changing. It is affected by not only the individual investors and the three major institutional investors, but also impacted by domestic political and economic situations. Therefore, to precisely grasp the stock market movement, one must build a perfect stock forecast model. In this article, we used a multi-stage optimized(More)
Tubulopapillary hidradenoma (TPH)1 is a term proposed to describe morphological dermal ductal tumors with both eccrine and apocrine differentiation. The term TPH encompasses a spectrum of lesions that includes tubular apocrine adenoma (TAA) and papillary eccrine adenoma (PEA):2 PEA and TAA can be indistinguishable both clinically and histologically. We(More)
Background: In Taiwan, emergency departments are so busy that it is not uncommon for staffs (doctors and nurses) to be deprived of their lunch breaks or breaks to go to the restroom. As a consequence, during their busy shifts some emergency department healthcare workers choose to limit their water intake and no time to micturate which are both risk factors(More)
A 15-year-old, unmarried female presented to our dermatology department for an intensely pruritic skin rash that had appeared abruptly 3 days earlier. She had a remarkable medical history for a case of allergic rhinitis and several attacks of asthma in her early childhood. The condition waxed and waned initially but had improved in recent years. Physical(More)
An efficient and practicable MIMO transceiver in which transmitter antenna selection is applied to QR detector and GMD precoding through limited feedback channel is implemented. For over 4 x 5 antenna selection, the proposed antenna selection scheme can save more than 50% computational complexity compared with that of the exhausting method. From the(More)
In this paper, a baseband transceiver system, architecture design and verification for WCDMA/HSDPA communications is presented. The proposed receiver consists of a channel estimator for channel estimation and receiver parameter calculation, a carrier synchronization and timing synchronization block for carrier frequency offset and clock offset compensation,(More)