Chien-Hsiung Lin

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OBJECTIVES To explore the relationships between traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) syndromes and disease severity and prognoses after ischemic stroke, such as neurologic deficits and decline in activities of daily living (ADLs). METHODS The study included 211 patients who met the inclusion criteria of acute ischemic stroke based on clinical(More)
To save the manufacturing cost, most color digital video cameras employ a single-sensor technology with a redgreen-blue (RGB) color filter array (CFA) to capture the realworld scenes. Due to only one primary color measured at each pixel location, the captured videos are usually referred to as the mosaic videos. For the purposes of economical storage and(More)
Recently, the modernization of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) for treatment of patients with critical and/or life-threatening diseases has attracted much attention in the pharmaceutical industry. However, there exist essential differences in the evaluation of the efficacy and safety of a TCM as compared with a typical Western medicine (WM), even though(More)