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Automatic dynamic displays, e.g., scrolling displays, are frequently used to present text information on small screens. This study examined the effects of three dynamic displays [leading, scrolling, and rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP)] and three presentations speeds [171, 250, and 305 wpm (words per minute)] on subjects' reading comprehension for(More)
The goal of this study is to retrieve important life fragments using a visual photo annotation interface and the familial stories behind the photos. We present the design of Picgo, a game-based reminiscence service that enables elders to capture memories, annotate photos, and iteratively reinforce the annotation of photos in a storytelling process. There(More)
Understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms in burn wound progression is crucial to providing appropriate diagnoses and designing therapeutic regimens for burn patients. When inflammation becomes unregulated, recurrent, or excessive, it interferes with burn wound healing. Autophagy, which is a homeostatic and catabolic degradation process, was found(More)
Visual illusions occur around us all the time, which present in nature and appear when you least expect it. It is well known that visual illusions can have a dramatic effect upon our visual perception of an object's size and position. However, whether visual illusions have a similar influence on visual guided action or not, it remains the subject of much(More)