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In this work, we present an investigation on the spatial entanglement entropies in the helium atom by using highly correlated Hylleraas functions to represent the S-wave states. Singlet-spin 1sns 1 S e states (with n = 1 to 6) and triplet-spin 1sns 3 S e states (with n = 2 to 6) are investigated. As a measure on the spatial entanglement, von Neumann entropy(More)
In the present work, we report an investigation on quantum entanglement in the doubly excited 2s 2 1 S e resonance state of the positronium negative ion by using highly correlated Hylleraas type wave functions, determined by calculation of the density of resonance states with the stabilization method. Once the resonance wave function is obtained, the(More)
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