Chien-Han Chen

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Microtubule dynamics is essential for many vital cellular processes such as in intracellular transport, metabolism, and cell division. Evidences demonstrate that α-synuclein may associate with microtubular cytoskeleton and its major component, tubulin. In the present study, the molecular interaction between α-synuclein and tubulin was confirmed by GST(More)
Pregnenolone (P5) is a neurosteroid that improves memory and neurological recovery. It is also required for zebrafish embryonic development. However, its mode of action is unclear. Here we show that P5 promotes cell migration and microtubule polymerization by binding a microtubule plus end-tracking protein, cytoplasmic linker protein 1 (CLIP-170). We(More)
BACKGROUND Menstrual disorders and their adverse symptoms can have a deleterious effect on both the private and working lives of women. Previous studies indicated that female nurses have elevated risk of menstrual disorders. Moreover, female nurses showed a higher incidence of ambulatory care visit for genitourinary diseases compared with other female(More)
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