Chien D. C. Ta

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Semantic and syntactic relations play an important role of applications in recent years, especially on Semantic Web, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, and Question Answering. Semantic and syntactic relations content main ideas in the sentences or paragraphs. This paper presents our proposed algorithms for identifying semantic and syntactic(More)
In this paper, we present an Information Extraction (IE) system, which is built from unstructured text based on Computing domain ontology. The IE system comprises four sequential processing steps: preprocessing, topic identifier, building domain specific ontology and extracting information from text corpus. The first two steps perform generic Natural(More)
Ontologies apply to many applications in recent years, especially on the semantic web, information retrieval, information extraction, and question answering. The purpose of domain-specific ontology is to get rid of conceptual and terminological confusion. It accomplishes this by specifying a set of generic concepts that characterizes the domain as well as(More)
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