Chien-Chung Tu

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The World Wide Web (WWW) has rapidly evolved since its inception in 1990. The total value of purchased goods and online services reached 327 billion US dollars in 2002. Such exponential growth has influenced the establishment of electronic commerce. Understanding online consumers is important in today’s economy. However, online sales remain relatively low(More)
The increasing popularity in the new digital economy, and the Internet is considered a technology asset because its efficiency to quickly break geographical barriers. The purpose of this study is to explore from customerspsila perspective what attracts them to online auction sites and keeps them coming back. This article provides an understanding on online(More)
Commercial online services have increased dramatically over the last decade, especially in the field of electronic commerce (EC). The rapid development of electronic commerce has allowed people to access information and interact with global businesses. This, in combination with the advent of economical and efficient electronic capabilities, has led to the(More)
With the dramatically develop Internet in businesses which have become a new medium to interact with customers, the challenges for Web site companies are how to design good Web system and interaction in order to retain customers and increase sales. However, customers' shopping behaviors on World Wide Web (WWW) are still inconclusive. In the compelling(More)
Determination of requirements is critical for development of a new information system prior to the IS design. A good system design not only fulfills user needs, but is also a required concern for specific and future development in industry. Past researches show many tools have been introduced to generate information system requirements; however, they lack(More)
Information system (IS) is considered as weapon of competition. At the meanwhile, IS selection decisions should be driven by organization-specific requirement in areas such as ease and speed of the deployment, the acquisition costs, and the integration with the established security and infrastructure? Hence, how to clarify the IS needs is the most(More)
Internet users rapidly increase and global e-commerce activities across nations and millions of globally dispersed consumers now engage in competitive exchange via bidding and set prices that reflect real-time supply and demand as efficiently trading floor. In recent years, online auction marketplace is growing rapidly. Auction transaction intention will be(More)
Understanding players’ achievement values from MMORPGs: an exploratory study Chwen-Yea Lin Wei-Hsi Hung Kwoting Fang Chien-Chung Tu Article information: To cite this document: Chwen-Yea Lin Wei-Hsi Hung Kwoting Fang Chien-Chung Tu , (2015),"Understanding players’ achievement values from MMORPGs: an exploratory study", Internet Research, Vol. 25 Iss 5 pp.(More)
There are 2,565 auction Web sites on online-auction list reports. Therefore, to understand consumers intention in using online auction and royalty is a critical issue. Yet, few studies have made on users intention to use online auction. Even though extensive researches focus on online shopping intention, however, we can not consider they both are same on(More)
There is countless researches focus on electronic commerce (EC) Web site use intention, but most of them only emphasize on experienced user but not non-experienced users. According to MIC report, there are 23% internet users who still have no EC experience. Why they don't use EC yet? If we can make them to use EC, then the EC market share will increase. In(More)
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