Chien-Ching Yu

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The ability of high-resolution MR imaging (1.5 T) to detect invasion of the cavernous sinuses by pituitary adenoma was determined through a retrospective review of 74 patients. These patients were divided into three groups: 25 normal subjects, 24 subjects with invasive pituitary adenomas, and 25 subjects with noninvasive pituitary adenomas. A fourth group(More)
Femoral nerve injury is a rare complication after femoral angiography. Symptoms including quadri-ceps weakness and atrophy, absent or reduced knee jerk and sensory impairment along the anterior thigh and medial lower leg have been found. This leads to both muscular weakness and sensory deficit, which impairs walking and interferes with quality of life.(More)
Population spikes were recorded from hippocampal CA3 of freely moving rats following stimulation of the perforant path. Six rats were trained to perform conditioned drinking behavior. (1) Animals were treated with electroshock in less than 15 minutes after daily training session for a period of 6 consecutive days. Synaptic efficacy did not increase and the(More)
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