Chien-Chin Huang

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Recently, flash-based embedded databases have gained their momentum in various control and monitoring systems, such as cyber-physical systems (CPSes). To support the functionality to access the historical data, a multiversion index is adopted to simultaneously maintain multiple versions of data items, as well as their index information. However, maintaining(More)
Application programmers in domains like machine learning, scientific computing, and computational biology are accustomed to using powerful, high productivity array languages such as MatLab, R and NumPy. Distributed array frameworks aim to scale array programs across machines. However, maximizing the locality of access to distributed arrays is an unsolved(More)
Machine learning algorithms, in conjunction with user data, hold the promise of revolutionizing the way we interact with our phones, and indeed their widespread adoption in the design of apps bear testimony to this promise. However, currently, the computationally expensive segments of the learning pipeline, such as feature extraction and model training, are(More)
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