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Due to the rapid advancement of electronic commerce and web technologies in recent years, the concepts and applications of decision support systems have been significantly extended. One quickly emerging research topic is the consumer-oriented decision support system that provides functional supports to consumers for efficiently and effectively making(More)
It has been shown that deguelin, one of the compounds of rotenoids from flavonoid family, induced cytotoxic effects through induction of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in many types of human cancer cell lines, but deguelin-affected DNA damage and repair gene expression (mRNA) are not clarified yet. We investigated the effects of deguelin on DNA damage and(More)
Creating values for citizens, businesses, as well as governments is the mission for launching e-government strategies and services. The effectiveness of e-government strategies depends heavily on the cause-and-effect relationships among strategic objectives, action plans, as well as performance outcomes identified and specified during the strategy(More)
We present a novel trigonometry-based probability calculation (TPC) method for analyzing circuit behavior and reliability in the presence of errors that occur with extremely low probability. Signal and error probabilities are represented by trigonometric functions controlled by their corresponding angles. By combining trigonometric identities and Taylor(More)
Bufalin was obtained from the skin and parotid venom glands of toad and has been shown to induce cytotoxic effects in various types of cancer cell lines, but there is no report to show that whether bufalin affects human skin cancer cells. The aim of this investigation was to study the effects of bufalin on human malignant melanoma A375.S2 cells and to(More)