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Track 1 of KDDCup 2011 aims at predicting the rating behavior of users in the Yahoo! Music system. At National Taiwan University, we organize a course that teams up students to work on both tracks of KDDCup 2011. For track 1, we first tackle the problem by building variants of existing individual models We then blend the individual models along with some(More)
Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus is a member of the encephalitic flaviviruses and frequently causes neurological sequelae in a proportion of patients who survive the acute phase of the infection. In the present study, we molecularly identified viral infection in the brain of mice with rigidity of hindlimbs and/or abnormal gait, in which JE virus particles(More)
Keywords: Health evaluation center Cardiovascular disease Multi-feature selection MARS a b s t r a c t Many previous studies have employed predictive models for a specific disease, but fail to note that humans often suffer from not only one disease, but associated diseases as well. Because these associated multiple diseases might have reciprocal effects,(More)
Spoken document retrieval will be very important in the future network era. In this paper, we propose using a "dynamic key term lexicon" automatically extracted from the ever-changing document archives as an extra feature set in the retrieval task. This lexicon is much more compact but semantically rich, thus it can retrieve relevant documents more(More)
INTRODUCTION While neuromodulation through unihemispheric repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has shown promise for the motor recovery of stroke patients, the effectiveness of the coupling of different rTMS protocols remains unclear. AIMS We aimed to test the long-term efficacy of this strategy with different applying sequences and to(More)
Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus is the most common cause of epidemic viral encephalitis in the world. The virus mainly infects neuronal cells and causes an inflammatory response after invasion of the parenchyma of the brain. The death of neurons is frequently observed, in which demyelinated axons are commonly seen. The mechanism that accounts for the(More)
The track 2 problem in KDD Cup 2011 (music recommendation) is to discriminate between music tracks highly rated by a given user from those which are overall highly rated, but not rated by the given user. The training dataset consists of not only user rating history but also the taxonomic information of track, artist, album, and genre. This paper describes(More)