Chien-Cheng Kuo

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For costly optical coatings, a precise monitoring method is necessary. A new monitoring method based on the selection of the most sensitive monitor wavelength is proposed. The most sensitive monitor wavelength is easy to find by a numerical analysis. The equation for the thickness compensation when a layer is over-shot or under-shot was derived. Several(More)
There is a large demand for Organic Light-Emitting Displays (OLEDs) with higher contrast, particularly for outdoor applications. We show that lowering the reflectance of OLEDs, which is required for increasing the contrast, can also lead to a reduction of their efficiency when a small microcavity effect is not maintained in their structure. We describe in(More)
Plasma-assisted thermal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) was carried out to synthesize high-quality graphene film at a low temperature of 600°C. Monolayer graphene films were thus synthesized on Cu foil using various ratios of hydrogen and methane in a gaseous mixture. The in situ plasma emission spectrum was measured to elucidate the mechanism of graphene(More)
In this study, a controllable photonic mirror was fabricated using the atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating technique on a polystyrene (PS) nanosphere template. PS nanospheres were self-assembled on an Al/glass substrate to form the bottom electrode. A 20 nm ALD Al2O3 film was then coated onto the surface of the reduced PS nanosphere structure. The PS(More)
A hybrid method for using sunlight and light-emitting diode (LED) illumination powered by renewable solar energy for indoor lighting is simulated and presented in this study. We can illuminate an indoor space and collect the solar energy using an optical switching system. When the system is turned off, the full spectrum of the sunlight is concentrated by a(More)
An approximate growth model was employed to predict the time required to grow a graphene film by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Monolayer graphene films were synthesized on Cu foil at various hydrogen flow rates from 10 to 50 sccm. The sheet resistance of the graphene film was 310Ω/□ and the optical transmittance was 97.7%. The Raman intensity ratio of(More)
This study investigates the optical constants of WO3 electrochromic films and NiO ion-storage films in bleached and colored states and that of a Ta2O5 film used as an ion conductor. These thin films were all prepared by electron-beam evaporation and characterized using a spectroscopic ellipsometer. The spectra obtained using a spectrophotometer and those(More)