Chien Chang

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  • Ting-Jen Yen, Dissertation Advisor, Chien Chang, Hseu-Ming Chen, Li Chen, Huachie Lee +1 other
  • 2003
To my parents iii iv Acknowledgment I thank my research advisor, Professor Chee K. Yap, for his role in inspiring this project as well as for his ongoing guidance, and careful reading of several drafts of my dissertation. I would also like to express my appreciation to Professor Davi Geiger and Professor Ernest Davis for reading my dissertation and making(More)
With pairwise testing, the test model is a list of N parameters. Each test case is an N-tuple; the test space is the cross product of the N parameters. A pairwise test is a set of N-tuples where every pairwise combination of the parameter values is contained in at least one of the N-tuples. Well-known algorithms generate pairwise test sets far smaller than(More)
In vitro screening for drug-drug interactions is an integral component of drug development, with larger emphasis now placed on the use of in vitro parameters to predict clinical inhibition. However, large variability exists in Ki reported for ketoconazole with midazolam, a model inhibitor-substrate pair for CYP3A. We reviewed the literature and extracted Ki(More)
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