Chien-Chang Wu

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A known triterpenoid, β-amyrin (1), and a known and a new phloroglucinol, cohulupone (2) and garcinielliptone P (3), were isolated from the pericarp and heartwood and seed of Garcinia subelliptica, respectively. A new xanthonolignoid, hyperielliptone HF (4), was isolated from the heartwood of Hypericum geminiflorum. The new compounds were established by(More)
A new benzophenone, garcinielliptone FA (1), and a new benzoylphloroglucinol, garcinielliptone FB (2), along with six known compounds, were isolated from the pericarp of Garcinia subelliptica. The structures and relative configurations of 1 and 2 were elucidated by spectroscopic methods and supported by computer-generated molecular modeling. Compound 2(More)
A new phloroglucinol, garcinielliptone HF ( 1), possessing an unprecedented skeleton, and the tautomeric pair of garcinielliptone FC ( 2/ 2a) were isolated from the heartwood and pericarp of Garcinia subelliptica, respectively. Their structures, including relative configurations, were elucidated by means of spectroscopic methods. The ability of compounds 1(More)
A new phloroglucinol, hyperielliptone HA (1/1a), a new spirophloroglucinol possessing an unprecedented skeleton, hyperielliptone HB (2/2a), and two new xanthonolignoids, hyperielliptones HC (3) and HD (4), were isolated from the heartwood of Hypericum geminiflorum. Compounds 1/1a and 2/2a were obtained as tautomeric pairs. The structures and relative(More)
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