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MOTIVATION Before performing a polymerase chain reaction experiment, a pair of primers to clip the target DNA subsequence is required. However, this is a tedious task as too many constraints need to be satisfied. Various kinds of approaches for designing a primer have been proposed in the last few decades, but most of them do not have restriction sites on(More)
Sensor network basically has many intrinsic limitations such as energy consumption, sensor coverage and connectivity, and sensor processing capability. Tracking a moving target in clusters of sensor network online with less complexity algorithm and computational burden is our ultimate goal. Particle filtering (PF) technique, augmenting handoff and K-means(More)
The algorithm for moving target tracking in clusters of sensor networks is presented. The aim of the proposed architecture is suitable for large-scale area tracking; the technique is based on received signal strength indication (RSSI) and time of arrival (TOA) measurements. Here we use the extended Kalman filter (EKF) to estimate the moving target’s(More)
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell is one of the most promising fuel cell technologies for transportation and residential applications. Modeling of fuel cells is getting more and more important as powerful fuel cell stacks are getting available and have to be integrated into power systems. In this paper, we used the universal approximation theory of fuzzy(More)
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