Chieko Takagi

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Anti-diabetic agent-related hypoglycemia is a serious complication in type 2 diabetic patients on hemodialysis. Therefore, we assessed the efficacy and tolerability of 24 weeks of monotherapy with vildagliptin, a dipeptidyl peptidase four inhibitor, which is a new class of antidiabetic agent. This open-label, single-arm clinical trial was performed on 26(More)
It is well known that pioglitazone, a potent thiazolidinedione, improves metabolic control. However, weight gain or peripheral edema may be of major clinical concern when using this agent. The purpose of our study was to prospectively evaluate the effects of low-dose pioglitazone (7.5 mg/day) on metabolic control, weight gain and the incidence of edema(More)
The purpose of this study is to assess the association between type 2 diabetes and bone mineral density. This study included 145 Japanese patients (64 men and 81 women) with type 2 diabetes and 95 non-diabetic control subjects (41 men and 54 women) of similar age. We measured bone mineral density (BMD) at the sites with different cortical/cancellous bone(More)
A 59-year-old woman with papillary thyroid carcinoma inside of an autonomously functioning thyroid nodule is described in this report. The patient was referred to our clinic because of rapid weight loss and swelling on the left side of the neck. Ultrasonography of the thyroid demonstrated a nonhomogeneous nodule in the lower part of an enlarged left lobe.(More)
Although it has been established that hyperthyroidism leads to reduced bone mineral density (BMD), with accelerated bone turnover promoting bone resorption in female patients, there is a dearth of data for male patients with hyperthyroidism. This study evaluated BMD and bone metabolism in male patients with Graves’ disease. The study included 56 Japanese(More)
It has been well established that hyperthyroidism leads to diminished bone mineral density (BMD), and that a previous history of hyperthyroidism remains a risk factor for fractures. However, little is known about how to manage the reduction in BMD caused by hyperthyroidism. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of risedronate for the(More)
Cell adhesion kinase beta (CAKbeta, also known as Pyk2/CadTK/RAFTK) is the second member of the focal adhesion kinase (FAK) subfamily. We examined the expression of CAKbeta in various human glomerulopathies by immunohistochemistry. Although CAKbeta expression in the normal kidney is confined to the brush border of the proximal tubule with no detectable(More)
This report concerns a 79-year-old woman with coexisting anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) and Graves' disease (GD). The patient was referred to our clinic because of palpitation and a palpable mass on the left side of her neck. Thyroid function tests showed hyperthyroidism with elevated thyroid-stimulating antibodies. Ultrasonography of the thyroid(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effects of apraclonidine on intraocular pressure elevation after cataract surgery and the factors associated with elevated intraocular pressure. METHODS A group of patients (apraclonidine group) was administered a drop of apraclonidine before and one drop after surgery, and the difference between the intraocular pressure in the(More)
5'-methylenearisteromycin 5 and its 2-fluoro derivative 6, which were designed as antimalarial agents because of their AdoHcy hydrolase inhibition, were synthesized from D-ribose, using a stereoselective intramolecular radical cyclization as the key step to construct the carbocyclic structure. These compounds were evaluated as AdoHcy hydrolase inhibitors(More)