Chieko Seki

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One single protein species with phospholipase activity has been isolated from Bothrops alternatus venom by a procedure involving gel-filtration on Sephadex G-50 (Step 1), chromatography on SP-Sephadex C-50 (Step 2) and gel-filtration on Sephadex G-75 (Step 3). The purified sample behaved as a homogeneous, monodisperse protein with a molecular weight of(More)
Basic phospholipases A and the crotoxin complex isolated from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom exhibited similar initial reaction rates, time course and degree of hydrolysis of synthetic short chain lecithins in the monomeric state. Although monomeric lecithins seem to promote dissociation of crotoxin up to a certain extent, this cannot explain the high(More)
The present study attempted to identify T helper epitope long peptides capable of inducing cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) from Lck antigen (p56(Lck) ), the src family tyrosine kinase, which is known to be aberrantly expressed in metastatic cancers cells, in order to develop a long peptide-based cancer vaccine for HLA-A2(+) cancer patients. Based on the(More)
In the crotoxin complex isolated from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom, the component A inhibits the phospholipase A2 activity of crotoxin B only when the substrate is in the aggregated form, preventing the interaction of the enzyme with lecithin--water interfaces. In contrast, with similar rates of hydrolysis of dihexanoyllecithin monomers, the activity(More)
Neuromuscular blockage at the presynaptic level is the main biological effect exerted by crotoxin, the major toxin from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom. This effect requires the dissociation of this complex at the target membrane in spite of its tightness and stability under physiological conditions of pH, ionic composition and temperature. Complex(More)
The antitoxic potency of crude Crotalus durissus terrificus serum against crotalic venom is similar to that of a standard horse anticrotalic serum in protecting mice against 4 LD50, while the potency of Bothrops neuwiedii serum is 20% of the latter. Failure to form precipitin lines in immunodiffusion tests suggests that the antitoxic factors present in the(More)
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